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March 2024

10/10 great item and service, many thanks.

6mm Cordless Resetter x2 - Ebay feedback

March 2024

Good fun worth the money

Kill Zone Bunny - Ebay feedback

March 2024

Excellent targets and quick delivery

100 pack of PDTs - Ebay feedback

March 2024

... More to the point, brilliant target holder. My previous one by another company was nowhere near as sturdy. Can't wait to take it over the club. 

Thanks for the excellent service and top product.
Didn't expect the bulldog clips, nice touch, but I'm using skittles magnets that I already have.


R. E.  Direct email from a website customer

February 2024

Gotta say I have the all lollipop version of this target and it's been blasted continuously for the last 2 years with sub 12ftlb rifles thousands of times and it's working as good now as it did when I first got it, Best target ive ever bought for longevity and quality

T. N.  Facebook comment

Aug 2023

Very quick postage very good quality item Definitely worth all the money cannot fault these items

Ebay feedback

Aug 2023

Sturdy and well made

Ebay feedback

July 2023

Excellent item, brilliant communication, super fast delivery, well packaged, very professional service. Will be back for more, AAA***

Ebay feedback

10th July 2023

.. it’s understandable nowadays that its not financially viable to have stock lying about, plus safety has to have the main priority too, a ricochet isn’t good for anyone.
I'm sure we have some of your airgun targets still in daily use up at our club, they have lasted well, will get some more when we revamp the range, your airgun targets are great and long lasting.
Will have a look at the rimfire ones you have available 😀

DC via Facebook

March 2023

top quality

Ebay feedback

March 2023

great seller with great service highly recommended many thanks

Ebay feedback

16th February 2023

Hi Dan
The spinners arrived this morning, so we have some very excited shooters! The targets look great and we can’t wait for the weekend!


AC - via email

10th February 2023

Hi Dan

I have had some fun with the targets now, temporarily at 5.5m and the cadets enjoy the "competition" of knocking them down, its great watching compared to paper targets as you can see if they missed or not. 

I've not got the Target sprint running bit worked out yet, but I hope to work on it this summer. But having lots of fun using them indoors.

The hole size is too big for 5.5m but we knew that, so will at some point get someone to make a resticker plate to go in front.

They seam to be holding up to the cadets moving them about and having had about 3 or 4 tins fired at them.

Over all the best 140 I have spent

just I would give you a wee update

RC - via email

3rd February 2023

Hi Dan,

They arrived today and are great thank you.
Just going to drill some holes in the feet to screw it down onto a board.
Will get some photos for you at the show and send them across.

Speak to you soon 


R @ PA - via email

19th September 2022

Good evening, 

My son and I are really enjoying the kill zone targets so thought "time for some more for the range"

CB - via email

11th January 2022

Ordered a few targets now through gr8 fun and they’re not matched for quality. Still going strong and fully functioning after 2.5 years

Facebook comment on the Gr8fun Targets page

2nd June 2021

Our new gongs and spinners have been a fantastic hit (pardon the pun) with members and visitors, they’ve been hit a 1000 times and even the paint is still visible lol, the can hangers you sent have stood up well and although the cans have been replaced a few times the hangers themselves are fine, we look forward to getting some more targets out there as we change the plinking range about


Facebook comment on the Gr8fun Targets page

5th March 2020

novel targets well priced and delivery was fast.

Facebook recommendation on the Gr8fun Targets page

15th January 2020

Superb high quality targets. Extremely nice and friendly. High grade service. In short it doesn't get any better.

Facebook comment on a Gr8fun Targets post

26th March 2019

Hi Dan and Team, my targets you sent were fantastic as a birthday present and were well received!! Really solid bit of kit..All year round fun for us!

Facebook comment on a Gr8fun Targets post

1st March 2019

Absolutely amazing targets everyone should own these 10/10

Facebook reviews and recommendations

27th September 2017

"My Bunny Kill Zone arrived today thank you. It is a great product and I will be ordering some more. "

direct via email

3rd July 2017

Regarding the Killzone targets
"They are superb targets mate"
Facebook, Gr8fun Targets page

November 2016

I found your HFT SS target excellent . The various size kill zones mean I can use it close range 10-15yds for air-pistol and longer ranges 20-40yds air-rifle.
Kill zones need to be undercoated before final painting with fluorescent paint.
Highly recommended product.
Thanks, P. M

direct via email - Thank you

25th August 2016

gr8 fun using these targets :D well done 10/10 great value for money and the metal targets are great value for what they are. :)

Nick Castilio Donaldson  -

Aug 2016

Regarding the Pocket Plinker...
"I have these excellent for zeroing"

Kevin Cross - facebook

April 2016

"My target arrived and I have to say very well made top quality."

Mick Bland - facebook

The cordless resetting target and the spinning (4 side spinners) are really great. I have already had lots of fun shooting them.
Bob  (in America) by email
June 2015

Hi, many thanks 

Used all the targets last night and they all worked really well!
I no doubt will get some more soon

The Gun Shop Rugby by email
June 2015


Regarding the PDT targets.....
first impressions are good arriving in a little plastic bag,which keeps them dry.the targets themselves are a great compact size. Small enough for your pocket but big enough to be very clear through your scope.

I've been to the range today and they were really well received both by hunters and hft competitors think for the hunters amongst us the 5 circle target is really good for a quick zero check before hunting. I for one like to know exactly where my pellet is going before shooting at quarry.if your ambushing quarry a quick zero check is perfect, then leave the plastic holder in the ground for a subtle distance marker.
our club chairman is a qualified instructor and was impressed by the pellet drop target, it is difficult to explain but a few targets and a magazine of pellets make it clear for everyone to see.all in all a great addition to your gun bag for any discipline

Simon Gliddon - Facebook message on the Gr8fun Targets page

25th Aug 2013


I bought these from Gr8fun - they are brilliant, very good quality, will last for years! fitted perfectly on my target box - cheers Danny!

Ozzy Osbourn 29th October 2013



Put two tins of pellets at this one of mine and it is absolutely great, just need to touch up the paint every now and then but it's well worth it, a very strong and robust piece of kit, will defo get a few more.

EXCALIBRE.22  25th Jan 2013

Airgun forum

......and if there is any doubt to the quality of gr8fun targets then let them be dispelled, BAGS (Bolton Air Guns Society ) is putting in another order for the targets this time for over £800 and believe me you don't squeeze that out of a committee unless they are quality

Del Walton Moonbear - 15th Jan 2013


Shot shiny airgun targets
"Well got one of Dan's targets last week.
Been shot with all sorts including CCI .22 CB longs at 50 yards which are about 40ft/lbs.
No ill effects, just require a repaint now as they've been shot shiny!

Well made bit of kit.
Cheers John"�
slowcoach - 18th July 2009

Spinner arrived this morning and it's a neat wee bugger. Despite reading sizes in the post it seems a lot smaller than I was expecting and that's a GREAT thing. Smaller target = harder = more input required from me.

Nicely made, very solid and certainly seems a lot better engineered than the basic spinners I've seen in shops. <snip> Awesome man, thanks a lot. Now for the weather to improve enough to get back into the garden.

BarneyC - 4th October 2012

Tried mine out today. Solidly built, well put together, a nice bit of kit. Love the noise it makes when it gets hit

JohnnyC -

"our airgun club (Bolton Air Gun Society - BAGS) as just had about a dozen of danros good quality targets came next day good price, great to do business with...cheers danro" 
Moonbear - 28th February 2011


"I also highly recommend the gr8 fun targets - definitely better quality than many of the others available and very reasonably priced. Give a very satisfying thwack when you hit them, reactive targets are so much more fun than just shooting paper"
Plink all day - 24th January 2011







"I have one of your spinners the dual type and its fantastic
just give it a respray after use and jobs a goodun well worth the money "�
slimbutmedium - 14th January 2011



"I can vouch for the quality of the gr8fun spinners pictured above. I bought the pack of four and they're brilliant. I've spent a lot of time shooting them at different ranges in the garden from 10-45 yards and they've brought my springer shooting on quite a bit, hoping to shoot the springer in an HFT comp this weekend now Will be buying more targets when I don't have as many things on my wish list "
Johnboy19 - 23rd January 2011



"These are very good, quality, well-made targets, which should last a very long time. All prices are shown on site inc p+p too."
ukLitehammer - 15th December 2010







"hi yes, these are great targets cheaper than nockover I have quite a few inc the tree spinners!"
itsaheadshot - 15th December 2010



"I've got a few of those, plus a few of the spinners, they're great for zeroing, particularly with NV. "
kwiky - 10th January 2011


RE ZeroNite Self Adhesive Disks..
" Theses disc's have arrived and WOW they are absolutely amazing for night vision, I placed one on a piece of card at the end of my garden on top of a fence, it shone so well with my laser/Yukon set up I thought it was a street light even though it is only 20mm !!!!!!!! "
Grumpy Gunner- 27th November 2010


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