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Wooden Airgun Targets

Precision CNC Laser cut targets in 3mm particle board, to reduce the chance of splinters these innovative and original targets come in 22 different designs and offer exceptional value on a "shoot out zone" per pound basis.

Ever since Airguns were first used over 400 years ago, the shooters enjoyed the challenge of hitting small wooden and organic targets, often in the form of branches, twigs and daisy heads etc, things have not changed so much since then. Shooters still like to test their skill with challenging targets to aim at.  Theses innovative and original wooden targets are the latest evolution, making use of modern technology the CNC Laser allows impressive detail and superior cut finish.

Cleverly designed to present a bulls eye of 4.5mm-5mm in size but with very little supporting it so a clean hit will completely snap the bull out and anything else will show as a partial as the surrounding airgun target will show the track of the pellet. There is nothing like these targets available!

Once all the bulls have been remove, feedback seems to be that the target is then dissected, pellet by pellet snapping off small bits at a time until there is nothing but the stand left and pile of bitsof board.