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Latest NEWS!


February 2018

Incredible progress on our new air pistol targets.
An air pistol "gong system" is being finialised. Initally a double gong on a stand, this will end up as 2, 3, 5 and 8 gongs.  We plan on making different sizes and shapes of these airgun targets a well as in a heavier steel to be suitable for all airguns, incl air rifles, PCPs, break barrels and pistols of all types.
These airgun targets make a most wonderful sound when hit as well swinging and bouncing around. They are very addictive!!

January 2018Gum Mart Article on Pellet Drop and Zeroing  Airgun Targets

A lovely little article from Graham Allen of Gun Mart on our Pellet Drop - Zeroing Airgun Targets. These have been available for since 2013 and are very popular, in fact they were so popular we sold of of these in 80 minutes the first time they were available, at the Midlands Game Fair!
I desisgned these Airgun Targets help some new shooters I was mentoring visualise the path a pellet follows as it travels through the air and how this affects the POI at different ranges.
Very popular then...  Very popular now.
Go on, get pack! They are only a tenner posted.

In line with our previous years, 2017 was another year of considerable growth, both in our physical workshop and office space and our range of steel airgun targets, wooden airgun targets and card airgun targetsOver 30 new airgun targets were added to our product range last year bringing our total to over 190 aigun target products available on this website!
2018 is looking like another year of huge expansion, there are still a massive number of airgun targets still in the pipleline, being designed, tested and tweeked to perfection before being made available for sale.
So, if you can't find what you need here either drop us a line and ask or check back later, as it could be one soon to be released!
Safe shooting everyone.

30th November 2017

We now accept bitcoin payments for airgun targetsWe now accept Bitcoins as payment for all airgun targets!

Turkey Cordless resetting airgun target complete with side spinners




November 2017

More airgun targets added to the catalogue today! This time somethig a little festive - some fine birds for the table.  Yes to get you in the Christmas spirt and looking forward to that wonderful meal, we have designed Christmas Turkey and Duck airgun targets for you to shoot at.
OK, the duck is more of a rubber duck than a mallard, but it is still gr8fun to shoot!

September 2017 

It's been an incredible summer this year.!  Our wholesaler has asked to distribute the Kill Zone range of airgun targets, so keep an eye out in your local gun shops for those arriving over the next few weeks. Demand has increased massively. The new workshop and office space has been filled to capacity and we are now building additional secure storage space and a dedicated spray booth (more than 50% more space again!)
There a whole host of exciting new targets in the pipline and on test including self loading chalk airgun targets, pistol resetter airgun targets and bell targets!
Watch this space for progress.

April 2017

Unique and original laser cut wooden targets by Custom TargetsAmazing NEW Airgun Targets!
How cool are these?
Gr8fun Targets have teamed up with the innovative and clever peeps at Custom Targets to bring you these little beauties.
They are CNC laser cut from 3mm wooden board, so they are bio degradable, but better still they are such gr8fun airgun targets
Dozens of tiny - yes TINY, approx 5mm, bulls eyes to snap out with a well placed shot... and the gap around each bull cunningly will show you how far out your pellet was if it was not spot on.  A truly unique idea and design, that is only being produced by our friends at Custom Targets -- and you can buy them here, on this site right now!
Watch this space for a video review of how they fair - but I can tell you now, you will need more pellets as these airgun targets are addictive!! With 24 different wooden airgun target designs to choose from you are bound to find something you fancy having a go at!

Early April 2017

Yippeee!!!  More sun!
Pocket plinkers Pin up Pack - Airgun Targets And more people getting in touch with us. I have had a few requests the Pocket Plinkers Airgun Targets are now available as Pocket Plinker Pin up Packs these are supplied just as cards, so you can pin, tape, staple them where ever takes your fancy!  
Breaking News!!
We are in talks with a manufacturer of a range of REALLY cool airgun targets that will complement our existing range of airgun targets, and provide hours and hours of destructive fun!  Watch this space!

Once we are back on top of the orders the air pistol targets will get some attention too.  

March 2017

Well at long last the sun has come out!  
New Airgun Targets will soon be announced particularly for the air pistol shooter!
Don't forget to follow us in Facebook where there are regular FREE giveaway airgun targets and promotions.
The Killzone Rabbit, Dove and Crow airgun targets are now being laser cut due to HUGE demand!
Additionally, we are just waiting for the spring manufacturer to come back to us before we start production of the first HFT Side Spinning Airgun Targets.
Happy and safe shooting!

January 2017

It is around this time of year we like to look back and what has been achieved over the last 12 months. 
It has been surprisingly good! The workshopoffice space for Gr8fun Targets has more than doubled allowing more stock to be stored ready to go out. The airgun targets catalog has increased yet again by 20 or so targets bringing the total to over 145 products available on the website. Just over 10% of these are sold in all good gun shops across the country and in Europe. So obviously, for the full range you will need to browse our site here

Despite the huge steps forward in 2016 there are still over a dozen targets still at the "R&D" stage waiting to be perfected and produced for sale and even more just at the "idea" stage.
So watch this space! More new airgun targets to follow soon!.

Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 2016

Christmas opening hours

In order to allow time for restocking and delivery the last reasonable date you can order with a chance to receive the targets in the UK by Christmas is Friday 16th December. Sadly we cannot guarantee delivery will make it by then as we rely on 3rd parties to get the targets to you. Obviously the earlier you order the targets the better your chance of getting them in time.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers and those who have supported Gr8fun Targets over the last 12 months. Keep an eye on the site  in the new year as we have even more new airgun targets in the pipeline ready to release!

November 2016

6 new Seasonal Specials added with at least 30% off.

There are Kill Zone silhouette airgun targets, small garden spinner targets, the full range of Pocket Plinker airgun targets, post spinners and all sorts. 

This is a SHORT promotion so will end in time for all orders to be completed and posted in time for Christmas. (last orders 16th Dec for the specials)

They will make some excellent stocking fillers and gifts for some very lucky shooters.

Just click the image to go straight to the Seasonal Specials section.



September 2016Zombie Pocket Plinker Airgun Target

Even more progress with airgun targets this month.  The "Pocket Plinker" airgun target range has been so popular it has been extended with 4 more airgun target cards - 8 new target images to shoot at!

There are now the:-

Hours of fun for everyone!  Order your pack now while they are on the special introductory offer!


August 2016

More cool new targets on the way!  This time, the first in  a twisting HFT Target Series.
Here is a Tie Fighter airgun target, complete with vinyl sticker being tested with just 2.2ft/lb of energy.

Just trying to source one last part before the whole series of air rifle targets goes into production.....

April 2016

Headshot SquirelAnother new type of target just coming off the CNC Machine.
These are life sized quarry heads on a spinner. Supplied with 8mm screw, washers and spacer so it spins perfectly these are ideal for air pistol, air rifles and catapult users alike. Just screw into a post, tree or branch and hit it to set it spinning!
Squirrel, Rat, Grouse, Pheasant, Pigeon are currently available more will be added soon!

Click here to see them




March 2016Rook and Collard Dove KillZone airgun Target

Well we have been busy!  To add to the Bunny from last month we now have a Collard Dove and Rook available on either a spike or flat base!


February 2016

Well a very exciting time. The first of the new "Kill Zone" targets is now ready. Designed to allow steel target practice on real and appropriate kill zones of quarry these life sized targets are cordless resetting with a head shot paddle and heart & lung reset paddle. Hours of fun for all abilities. As you would expect this airgun target is CNC cut from 3mm steel so will last and used the same time proven mechanism as the other cordless resetters that are used in most airgun clubs and gardens around the country.Bunny "Kill Zone" Airgun Target

January 2016

5 new paper targets are now available!

Actually they are more like card targets having been printed on stock at 170gsm. There are 4 double sided "Pocket Plinkers" available two of which are designed for the hunter (or would be hunter) they have life sized airgun quarry heads including wood pigeon, rat, squirrel and collard dove. Perfect airgun target practice for those humane headshots.  Then for those who have less interest in hunting, there are two targets with various bulls eyes at a range of sizes for hours of fun in the garden.  
The Pocket Plinkers have been named as they will fit into your pocket, they are a little larger than a credit card.  All supplied with our unique target holders.
Finally, due to popular demand we have a 170mm square target beautifully printed on both sides. One side sports the 10m Air Pistol Target as specified by the ISSF and NSRA the other has the 5 10m Air Rifle Target again to the specifications of the ISSF and NSRA.


December 2015

After an incredibly busy few months the new workshop-office is coming on great. We hope to move in early in the New Year.  We also have 10 new airgun targets and air pistol targets in the pipeline and very nearly ready for release, plus we are working on a totally new airgun target, it's still a bit "hush hush" but incredibly exciting!!  Watch this space for more updates

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