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Latest NEWS!

April 2016

Headshot SquirelAnother new type of target just coming off the CNC Machine.
These are life sized quarry heads on a spinner. Supplied with 8mm screw, washers and spacer so it spins perfectly these are ideal for air pistol, air rifles and catapult users alike. Just screw into a post, tree or branch and hit it to set it spinning!
Squirrel, Rat, Grouse, Pheasant, Pigeon are currently available more will be added soon!

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March 2016Rook and Collard Dove KillZone airgun Target

Well we have been busy!  To add to the Bunny from last month we now have a Collard Dove and Rook available on either a spike or flat base!


February 2016

Well a very exciting time. The first of the new "Kill Zone" targets is now ready. Designed to allow steel target practice on real and appropriate kill zones of quarry these life sized targets are cordless restting with a head shot paddle and heart & lung reset paddle. Hours of fun for all abilities. As you would expect this airgun target is CNC cut from 3mm steel so will last and used the same time proven mechanism as the other corless resetters that are used in most airgun clubs and gardens around the country.Bunny "Kill Zone" Airgun Target

January 2016

5 new paper targets are now available!

Actually they are more like card targets having been printed on stock at 170gsm. There are 4 double sided "Pocket Plinkers" available two of which are designed for the hunter (or would be hunter) they have life sized airgun quarry heads including woodpigeon, rat, squirrel and collard dove. Perfect airgun target practice for those humane headshots.  Then for those who have less interest in hunting, there are two targets with various bullseyes at a range of sizes for hours of fun in the garden.  
The Pocket Plinkers have been named as they will fit into your pocket, they are a little larger than a credit card.  All supplied with our unique target holders.
Finally, due to popular demand we have a 170mm square target beautifully printed on both sides. One side sports the 10m Air Pistol Target as specified by the ISSF and NSRA the other has the 5 10m Air Rifle Target again to the specifications of the ISSF and NSRA.


December 2015

After an incredibly busy few months the new workshopoffice is coming on great. We hope to move in early in the New Year.  We also have 10 new airgun targets and air pistol targets in the pipeline and very nearly ready for release, plus we are working on a totally new airgun target, it's still a bit "hush hush" but incredibly exciting!!  Watch this space for more updates

April 2015The range of new "Club Airgun Targets" March 2015

The first batch of "Club Airgun Targets" just before delivery... For the new indoor range at Botley Mills run by the Gun Shop. It is a really cool range, with facilities for 10m pistol up to 25m rifle. I think it will be a great place to go with some awesome airgun targets supplied by Gr8fun.


March 2015

New "Club" airgun targets created. These have been requested by the local gun shop who will be opening an indoor airgun target range very soon. There will be all sorts of different combinations available and if you would like something not listed, you know that all you need to do is drop us a line and ask... it really is that simple!

Jan 2015

Well, after totting up the figures for 2014, it looks like Gr8fun Targets is manufacturing the largest range of airgun target products in the UK. We added over 30 new products in 2013 and just a few more than that again last year bringing our total number of airgun targets products to approx 90!

This rate of growth probably also makes us the fastest growing airgun targets manufacturer in the UK too!
.. and with many more new Airgun and Air Pistol Targets planned for the near future, we will continue growth at the same rate.

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